Emergency Meals-to-You


How to enroll in Emergency Meals-to-You Program

The Emergency Meals-To-You program is a special partnership between the USDA, Baylor University’s Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty, McLane Global, PepsiCo and with delivery support from UPS and USPS. This program is designed to provide home delivery of meal kits to students in response to school closures due to the Coronavirus.

Meal kits will include a 2-week supply of nutritious, shelf-stable, individually packaged foods including cereal bowls, whole grain snacks, fruit cups, juice, shelf-stable milk and more for each student.

Use the links below to visit MealsToYou.org for more information on how school districts and families can enroll their children in the program to start receiving delivery of meal kits.

School District

Choose this option if you are a representative of a school district and are applying for your district to have school(s) be part of Meals-to-You.



Individual Students

Choose this option if you part of a participating school district and are applying for a student(s) in your household to receive Meals-to-You boxes at home.