Lady Liberty

Quality Assurance Pledge

Lady Liberty’s mission is complete consumer confidence in all of its products. We achieve this by instituting a series of protocols to ensure every step in the sourcing, manufacturing and importing process fits this mission. The following list will outline exactly what steps must occur to approve a Lady Liberty manufacturer, what tests must be performed on the product when it arrives and the ongoing methods to assure these standards remain consistent and all of our products live up to our pledge:

Quality Assurance Pledge

Lady Liberty knows food safety is the number one priority for families today. Our products are inspected at every stop along the supply chain and meet of standard of excellence unmatched in the industry.


Before Lady Liberty will consider a plant as a supplier they must submit a food safety rating certificate from one of the globally recognized certification houses. The BRC is the most common but a few others are acceptable. The plant must then have this certificate renewed annually to continue to do business with McLane Global. However, this certification is not enough to get the Lady Liberty seal of approval.

Annual Plant Visit

Each plant shall be subject to an annual, unannounced physical plant inspection by a McLane Global employee or one of our long-standing agents. The inspection will include but is not limited to the following items:

  • Physical Inspection of the Plant: First and foremost the plant must be clean and in good repair. The entire plant must be sealed from the elements and pests (screens on windows and doors, roof in good repair). A physical inspection of the plant also must include an inspection of personal hygiene of all people (employees or visitors) who enter the plant. This includes inspection of employee hygiene, foot bath stations, and a strict no jewelry policy. This inspection must occur on an annual basis for the manufacturer to stay on our approved list of vendors.
  • Safety of the Workflow: Each plant must have an unbroken chain of production from the delivery of the raw material, to the blanching process, filling of the tin, sealing of the tin and sterilization.

Warehouse Approval

  • Microbiological Testing: In order to assure compliance with food safety standards and overall quality of our product, McLane Global tests all of our products with an outside agency. This agency performs microbiological testing to verify the product is safe and meets international standards. These tests are to be done by Analytical Food Laboratory and tests must include but are not limited to Coli form, E. coli, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Listeria, Salmonella, Staph, Yeast and Mold.
  • Sampling In House: Finally, each product is taste tested in house to make sure it meets our high expectations. From our dock to test results will take no more than ten days.