International Sales

International Sales

International Trading

Global trading is a complicated and evolving business.. Being successful for more than 50 years requires skill, discipline and creativity. McLane Global’s vast international network and domestic buying power has permitted us to become one of the premier exporters of American Brands. We are the largest exporter of P&G’s extensive and popular line as well as a leading exporter of Kraft foods. Combine this kind of product line with a wide array of services like consolidation, stickering, country specific labeling and expert logistics management, it is clear why McLane Global is a major force in global trading.

Our Brand

The Lady Liberty Brand has been part of the McLane Global family for almost 20 years. In 2010, McLane Global CEO, Mike Julian recognized the popularity of U.S. brands in emerging nations and throughout the world. With a reboot of the Lady Liberty Brand as a rival to the established U.S. brands, Lady Liberty offers grocers worldwide all the quality and look of other U.S. brands without the difficulties of dealing with the giants. Domestically, the Lady Liberty Brand gives U.S. grocers a great looking label with the quality of the national brands but at a price that generates margins only found in private label. Click here to peruse our catalog.

Global Sourcing

McLane Global imports food products from around the world to offer its customers a wide array of options. Global sourcing of foods is equal parts science and art, that when combined with a vast rolodex of reliable international partners can yield profitability for the customer. The volatility of the marketplace requires daily attention and the seasoned, expert staff at McLane Global is plugged into the marketplace seven days of week.