Hunger Relief Distribution Network

Hunger Relief Distribution Network

HRDN Evolution

HRDN is a division of McLane Global and was established specifically to put to use the experience and expertise of one hundred years of grocery distribution and a half century of international trading, to work for the Hunger Relief effort. Although a “for profit” business, HRDN is committed to the mission of eradicating hunger in the world.

Experience and Expertise

HRDN is a division of McLane Global, a premier import and export trade management service provider, global sourcing and logistics company headquartered in Houston. Since 1958, McLane Global has delivered end-to-end solutions to a worldwide network of enterprises in the domestic and international consumer foods product industry.

HRDN has its roots in a retail grocery business founded by Robert McLane in 1894. Over the span of nearly 100 years, the company grew into a wholesale grocery business and served some of the nation’s largest retail grocery chains, restaurants and convenience stores. The McLane family sold the business to Wal-Mart in 1990, and Robert McLane’s grandson, Drayton McLane, Jr., who had begun to expand into other grocery and foodservice businesses in the mid-1970s, purchased M-C International in 1994. He later named it McLane Global.

The HRDN staff holds some 200 years of combined experience in the food industry. They bring together career-long expertise in sourcing, procuring, inventory management, cost controls and distribution of food products to customers in a variety of food industry segments.

We employ the industry’s most sophisticated software and management systems — systems used by Microsoft and other leading software design companies. These cost-saving systems produce operational efficiencies, effective inventory management, logistic design and planning, and efficient accounting and record keeping.

Competitive Advantages

We offer food banks unequalled advantages. Our purchasing power is propelled by our long history and staff experience, and state-of-the-art business systems. Our extensive network and relationships with both U.S. and foreign food producers; trucking, rail and shipping companies; and distribution centers offer food banks quality and nutritious food products at the lowest price possible.

We maintain a 64,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center at our headquarters in Houston. With distribution facilities in South Carolina and Indiana and a cooperative relationship with 13 other distribution facilities around the country, HRDN’s reach is truly national.

This means we’re able ship products from locations nearest you and even ship directly from food producers, saving transportation costs and time and therefore offering you the lowest price possible.

We also maintain a number of “never-out” food products, most often requested by food banks. We always have in inventory those food products that are most in demand. We can meet your sudden or unexpected needs and offer you the same prices whether you order a truckload, partial truckload or even mixed pallet of products.

HRDN also specializes in offering custom-made backpack products to food banks. HRDN has worked with many hunger relief organizations to source food specifically for backpack programs or other similar programs that are designed to feed children after school and on the weekends. HRDN is well versed in the state to state requirements for size, labeling and nutrition content. Want to outsource the entire process? HRDN can not only source the items but build and deliver the backpacks to your warehouse.

Our Dedication

Our heart is where your heart is.  We too want to address hunger in America because we believe it is the right thing to do for those who are food insecure and for society as a whole. We believe that addressing hunger means more than satisfying one’s appetite – it means providing quality, nutritionally balanced food.

We are committed to serving those in need and we want to help you further that same commitment.  Yes, we’re a for-profit business.  By earning a modest profit, we’re able to do what we do.  We operate on an “open book” basis, and will show you our purchase price and markup on any order should you so desire.

Our expertise, efficiency and economy allow us to work on very thin margins. Margins that will not compromise your budget.  We too want help the underserved.  We too recognize those in need of assistance.  We can help you help them.

Mike Julian, chief executive officer of the HRDN division and McLane Global, served for six years on the board of directors of the Houston Food Bank, the largest food bank in the country.  He personally led an effort to merge the Houston Food Bank and Houston’s End Hunger Network. HFB’s new state-of-the-art 364,000 square foot facility serves some 600 social service organizations throughout the greater Houston area.

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