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GoodNews Food

-A Food Outreach Program

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McLane Global has for the past four years worked to serve food banks throughout the United States with its HRDN program. HRDN’s primary mission is to help food banks lower the cost of acquisition of food products it needs that are not directly donated. Just in time inventory and the growing cost of SNAP (food stamps) for the USDA has significantly cut into the Food Bank’s food supply. HRDN has provided much needed relief and in this endeavor we have been pleased to partner with many of you in servicing over 85 food banks.

McLane Global is set to launch a new food program, GoodNews Food. This program is intended to target those families who, for whatever reason, are struggling to feed their families. GoodNews Food will be offering its menu directly to the consumer.

GoodNews Food is a national food distributor that is committed to providing grocery relief to families across the Greater Houston Area. It will serve as a Food Outreach Program which offers individual families the opportunity to save up to 25% on their monthly grocery bill. ask siri We offer, through online purchase, high quality food typically found in the pantry at substantial savings over local grocery store prices. By purchasing directly from local, national and international merchants and minimizing supply chain costs combined with not having to build and maintain costly real estate and buildings, we are able to pass along considerable savings to to those in need.